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english language | 32bit/64bit | before activation

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Prototype. Ramp up. Project. With Bootstrap builder. Create authentic digital experiences using the industry’s most popular front-end framework. Speed ​​up production time by working in a real-time browser environment. With no codes to worry about, exploring design alternatives is faster and easier, resulting in killer websites.

cool interactive components

Drag and drop customizable pre-built components like menus, accordions, alerts, tables, modal dialogs and more. Create yours visually. Combine elements, add click actions via data attributes and some CSS to create your own off-canvas navigations, flex tabs, info popups or galleries.
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Harmonize common components

Symbols keep identical elements like logos, titles, and menus consistent throughout the project. Globally editing a symbol item updates all instances. Yes, update all footers with one change! Flexibility rules. Therefore, you can easily separate a single instance from a group if you need different content.

The battle is the same. Free yourself. Design creativity.

Responsive websites tend to suffer from “sameness”. Manually building responsive websites is difficult and flexible building tools are rare. Therefore, frameworks or templates are usually customized enough to create a moderately responsive website. But these sites lack personality and authenticity. Everyone feels the same way. But not anymore! With Bootstrap Builder, you can change anything and turn the Bootstrap framework into a unique creation that supports a unique business case.

Breakpoints whenever and wherever you need them. Design or appearance changes should be based on actual content to ensure a great user experience. Managing breakpoints is key to creating a truly device agnostic design.

css controls

Take full advantage of CSS design with simple, clickable controls.

Use P for image and performance

The Image element displays device-specific images.

Positioning controls

Everything from absolute, clear or floating screen and positioning to amazing Flexbox controls.

with different backgrounds

Layer multiple backgrounds for ultimate creativity.

Color palette management

Grab colors from anywhere on the screen and organize them into reusable palettes.

typographic perfection

Google fonts, stock, inline editing, viewport size, and any other typographic style control you can think of.

Easy schedule management

Add, delete, merge and move rows and columns. Also adjust scope widths, offsets, and drag settings.

It is also possible to tune manually!

Bootstrap Builder is a visual application, but any code genius who wants to dive into the backend has that option too. Export to any code editor to manually edit the markup and make it clear and clean. Sweet: Linked in custom stylesheets, not overwritten on re-export!

Release Notes:

– Like any other MacOS program, you can now use the backspace key to delete items!

– Projects that contained a stylized address element remainstuck on loading screen. After some tweaking, all projects should now load normally.

System requirements:

– Windows 10 32/64 bit

– Windows 8 32/64 bit

– Windows 7 32/64 bit

– Windows Vista 32/64 bit

Home page:

Run the pre-built setup and install, enjoy, no activation required / instructions are in the folder!

End user antivirus scan result


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We aim to provide the cleanest and most harmless apps with tested app screenshot!.

CoffeeCup Responsive Bootstrap Builder v2


Adobe Flash Player installer Download

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Important Note: For 2021, this application has been uploaded. Button redirects to Adobe Flash Player EOL General Description Flash Player is a complete tool for creating, editing and viewing game or video files. )-page-desktop’); });While the app allows you to easily browse apps and websites with different content, developers use it to create content such as animations. Whether you use Flash as a plug-in or a full-fledged program, it provides smooth video and audio playback for multimedia content. The program supports a wide range of file formats, including MP3, AAC and In addition, it works with ByteArray and Actionscript. Adobe Flash Player is often required on websites that host video content or games. But as of 2021, this program will be discontinued and content created for it will be blocked, and will Adobe Flash Player be discontinued? As of January 12, 2021, Adobe will no longer support Adobe Flash Player and will prevent Flash content from running. inside. This is due to various security and software issues, as well as advances in technology and the best available alternatives. Browsers will eventually remove this tool, and Adobe strongly advises that anyone who removes it will not receive updates, and Adobe will continue to encourage users to remove it to ensure their systems are not affected. Fortunately, more robust programs like HTML5, WebGL, and WebAssembly are good alternatives, and many browsers already support them instead of Flash Player. The features described below allow you to compare, view and edit files. Adobe Flash Player is available for many platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone. Therefore, you can use the tool on different devices. Because Android apps are hidden within the system unlike Windows, you can use a Chrome plugin to get the most out of your media creation and viewing. Adobe even launched the Adobe Animate platform as part of Adobe CC so that users can get the most out of the various Flash players. Many developers use this software to create interactive tools and games. You’ll see Flash Player used on content-rich websites like YouTube and streaming platforms like Twitch. Do you really need a plugin or software for this kind of multimedia content? You run videos and games with Flash Player. across the entire screen. The program supports mouse and keyboard devices in browsers, operating systems and software you can use infinite scrolling, mouse coordinates, mouse lock, middle click events and right and other Flash Player works best on Windows computers and gives you. various shortcuts for major video players. However, frequent lags and stutters can disrupt your games. Games created for Flash are simple and minimal. However, they require a lot of resources, so it is difficult for most web browsers to keep up with the strict requirements. Older devices may have difficulty playing Flash-enabled games. Fortunately, you don’t have too many problems on newer systems, especially the Windows interface? Compared to Synfig Studio, ACDSee Video Studio and other similar programs, Adobe Flash Player has a simple and clean interface. The software uses code snippets to create a smooth working environment. It also allows beginners to learn the movement of elements without any problems. User friendlythe controls are very simple and require no technical knowledge, and Flash Player is preferred by software developers around the world for creating, viewing and editing media files. Since the program continues to run in the background, it won’t interfere with your performance. To use Flash Player, you don’t need to install third-party software or go through multiple devices with constant lag, Adobe Flash Player doesn’t need major bug fixes.
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Backed by a major IT company, this tool is efficient and robust. More importantly, it gets regular updates and you can expect new features to be introduced from time to time with video quality? With features like GPU hardware optimization, Adobe Flash Player offers amazing video performance. quality. The program also uses advanced chipsets that cover all platforms. In addition, the Flash Player plug-in for Microsoft Windows has improved and modified bitstreaming with HDS and RTMP support. With seamless compression, the tool can run all kinds of media without any Flash Player being the first choice for animation. But with tools like Toon Boom Studio and Anime Studio, the software has faced stiff competition in this category. While these options offer extra features like automatic lip sync, they can’t properly control heavyweights, are there any limitations? Recently, people have been worried about some software security risks. Fortunately, you can count on regular updates to protect your system. It’s also worth noting that the Flash Player plugin needs special permissions to work properly. Apart from these minor problems, the program works well on Windows 7. , Windows 8, Windows 10 and other operating systems, the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player plugin is fully compatible with all browsers and operating systems. 64-bit operation. The developers have resolved some outstanding issues. Now the screen does not lock and gives timely hints about the crash. You can restart the program at any time to continue working. Adobe has also slightly reduced the system resources required to run the program. Therefore, it works well with older hardware, Adobe Flash Player integrates well with Adobe CC and other products in this category. This tool works both as a browser plug-in and as a complete platform for creating interactive media content, including games. Adobe Flash Player is a comprehensive and easy-to-use multimedia tool specially designed for delivering multimedia-enriched Flash video files in a browser. Compared to the previous versions, this version takes a big step forward in terms of performance, functionality and efficiency. New features have been developed to take advantage of 64-bit browsers and operating systems. Therefore, the tool is now more suitable for beginners as well as web developers who want to enjoy content-rich applications. Since it’s free, there’s no reason to miss it..

Adobe Flash Player


Windows 10 Entreprise LTSC 2019 Scaricare

Scarica qui

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 1809 a 64 bit (gennaio 2020)

Nuova versione di base hbx per Enterprise LTSC versione 1809. Una modifica migliorata destinata alle macchine ausiliarie di base, per uso di base. (web, burocrazia)

SHA-1: e8328e5b2674484bf1f2d839ecce3e105dcf7272

MD5: dea81347dd7e4e2ef1fc837ff5da65a1

CRC32: 7dd5a9b9

Requisiti di installazione:

Processore a 32-64 bit (x86-x64) 1 gigahertz (GHz) più veloce con supporto PAE, NX SSE2

Au moins 1-2 GB di RAM + se 64 bit (c’est comme la bire, encore + c’est mieux) 😆

Almeno 16-20 GB di spazio su disco disponibile alla volta

Lettore DVD-ROM (se si registra su DVD)

Clavier et souris Microsoft altri prodotti monouso compatibili con il punteggio

GUI di Microsoft DirectX 9 con driver WDDM

Figlio del kart (se necessario)

Altoparlanti casco (se necessario)

Procedura d’installazione:

– Masterizza l’iso su un DVD5-9 basse vitesse fai il boot da quel DVD

– Usa ciecamente una logica del genere “Rufus” per persone più serie in una chiavetta USB. (minimo 4-8 GB) RACCOMANDATO!!.

Windows 10 Entreprise LTSC 2019


The King Of Staten Island 2020 JonnyBear 1080p download movie torrent

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Genre: comedy, drama
Directed by Judd Apatow
Cast: Pete Davidson, Bel Powley, Bill Burr, Marisa Tomei, Maude Apatow
Summary: Scott has been a case of stalemate since the death of his firefighter father at the age of seven. Now in his mid-twenties, after a few successes, he is pursuing a dream of becoming a tattoo artist that seems unattainable.
The Good Boss 2022
While his younger sister aspires to go to college, Scott still lives with his jaded mother, an ER nurse, and spends his days smoking weed, hanging out with Oscar, Igor, and Richie, and secretly dating Kelsey, to meet his childhood friend. But when his mother starts dating a vocal firefighter named Ray, it sets in motion a chain of events that will force Scott to accept his grief and take his first timid steps in life.
Vessel = Matroska (avi)
Duration = 02:17
File size = 1 GiB
— Video
Codec Description = AVC | V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC
Resolution = 720×300
AR = | show :1
Bitrate = 1050kbps
Frame rate = CFR Color space = YUV
Chroma subsampling = 4:2:0
Encoder = x264 – base 159
–The voice
Codec Description = AC-3 | A_AC3
way = 6
Bitrate = CBR 384kbps
sampling rate = kHz
Language = English

The King Of Staten Island 2020


Windows 10 22H2 16in1 en-US x64 – Integral Edition 2023.1.11 Torrent Télécharger

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Captures d’écran d’analyse du bureau et des logiciels malveillants :

(#) Changements:

* Ajout des dernières mises à jour pour Windows 10 22H2 x64 de (décembre).2022 à (janvier).2023 : KB5022282 (remplace KB5021233).

* Windows Defender Antivirus (KB2267602) x64 a mis à jour les correctifs d’informations de sécurité de “” à “”.

* Mise à jour de l’outil de suppression des logiciels malveillants Windows (KB890830-v5) pour x64 de “” à “”.

* Mise à jour de Microsoft Edge (Chromium) x64 de “” à “”.

* Programme d’installation Web Office 2021 Professional Plus k86/k64 mis à jour de “” à “.

* Mise à jour de Mozilla Firefox x64 de “” à “”.

* Mise à jour du pack complet de codecs K-Lite k86/k64 de “” à “”.


(oh oh)

—————————–oOOo-(_)-oOOo——————— – – —————-

Windows 10 22H2 16u1 en-US x64 – Édition complète

Pour les rapports de bogues et les questions, visitez

================================================= = = == ===========================

(#) Mises à jour de Windows 10 :

* Inclut toutes les mises à jour Windows 10 22H2 x64 jusqu’à (janvier) 2023 :

1. KB890830-v5 – Version de l’outil de suppression des logiciels malveillants Windows

2. KB2267602 – Mises à jour des informations de sécurité pour Windows Defender Antivirus, version

3. KB4052623 – Mise à jour de la plate-forme antivirus Windows Defender, Ver

4. KB4559309 – Microsoft Edge (chrome), version

5. KB4589212-v2 – Mises à jour du microcode Intel.

6. KB5007401 – Mise à jour dynamique critique pour .NET Framework.

7. KB5011048 – .NET Framework Base, version

8. KB5012170 – Mise à jour de sécurité pour Secure Boot DBKS, Ver

9. KB5015684 – 22H2 Activer la mise à jour des fonctionnalités du package Ver.

10. KB5020377 – Configuration de la mise à jour dynamique.

11. KB5020881 – Mise à jour cumulative pour .NET Framework

12. KB5021043 – Mise à jour dynamique sécurisée du système d’exploitation.

13. KB5022282 – Mise à jour cumulative pour Windows 10

(#) Bibliothèques d’exécution Windows 10 :

* Exécution utilisateur final DirectX (juin 2010) k86/k64.

* Redistribuable Visual C++ 2002 k86.

* Redistribuable Visual C++ 2003 k86.

* Redistribuable Visual C++ 2005 SP1 k86/k64.

* Redistribuable Visual C++ 2008 SP1 k86/k64.

* Redistribuable Visual C++ 2010 SP1 k86/k64.

* Visual C++ Redistributable 2012 Update 5×86/x64.

* Visual C++ Redistribuable 2013 Mise à jour 5 k86/k64.

* Redistribuable Visual C++ 2015-2022 x86/x64.

* Exécution Visual Basic x86.

* Exécution Visual Basic x86.

* Exécution Visual Basic x86.

* Exécution Visual Basic x86.

* Visual Basic Runtime k86.

* Visual Basic Runtime k86 (mise à jour SP6 KB3096896).

(#) Paramètres préconfigurés pour Windows 10 :

* .NET Framework = Installé.

* Installer OneDrive automatiquement = désactivé.

* Collecte de données de diagnostic = désactivé.

* Afficher toutes les extensions de fichiers = Activé.

* Afficher les fichiers, dossiers et lecteurs cachés = Activé.

* Boîte de dialogue de progression du fichier = détaillée.

* Combiner les boutons de la barre des tâches = jamais.

* Couleur du thème Windows = Tempête.

* Couleur d’accentuation du thème Windows = Activé.

* Lecture automatique des médias dans le navigateur = Désactivé.

* Navigateur par défaut = Firefox.

* Lecteur multimédia par défaut = Media Player Classic.

* Archive de fichier par défaut = 7-Zip.

(#) Demandes supplémentaires :

* Microsoft Office 2021 Professionnel Plus k86/k64 (programme d’installation en ligne).

* 7-Zip x64 (avec plusieurs paramètres préconfigurés).

* Mozilla Firefox x64 (plusieursavec un réglage préconfiguré).

* K-Lite Codec Pack Full k86/k64 (avec plusieurs préréglages).

* OpenHashTab k86/k64.

(#) Éditions Windows 10 x64 :

* L’entreprise a le plus de fonctionnalités.

Windows 10 Famille unilingue

Windows 10 Famille

Windows 10 Famille NWindows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Professionnel N

Windows 10 Professionnel Éducation

Windows 10 Professionnel Éducation N

Windows 10 Pro pour les postes de travail

Windows 10 Pro pour les stations de travail N

Windows 10 Éducation

Windows 10 Éducation N

Windows 10 Entreprise

Windows 10 Entreprise N

Windows 10 Entreprise multi-session / bureaux virtuels

Windows 10 IdO Entreprise

L’équipe Windows 10

* Description des éditions de Windows 10 :

* Descriptif pour Windows 10 N :

(#) Général:

* Après l’installation, mettez à jour les applications Microsoft dans “MENU DÉMARRER – Microsoft Store – … (coin supérieur droit) – Téléchargements et mises à jour – Obtenir les mises à jour”.

* Tous les packs de langue de Windows 10 peuvent être téléchargés directement à partir du menu des paramètres de langue sur : “Paramètres – Langue de l’horloge – Langue – Ajouter une langue”.

* Ce Windows 10 n’était pas en mode confirmation et a été compilé à l’aide de l’outil Microsoft DISM et est basé sur la source Windows 10 en-US x64.

* Tous les plugins inclus peuvent être modifiés ou supprimés dans le dossier ISODisc”.sources$OEM$” (la suppression du dossier $OEM$ supprimera également la mise à jour #1 et la mise à jour #4).

* Pour configurer votre propre page d’accueil de navigateur préconfigurée, modifiez simplement les fichiers “initial_preferences” et “” dans ISODisc “.sources$OEM$” ou “C:Program Files” avec un éditeur de texte. sur votre disque dur ” et ” C:Program Files (k86)”.

* L’activateur Windows 10 n’est pas inclus, mais un fichier texte est placé sur le bureau avec un lien de téléchargement direct vers un activateur fonctionnel.
Windows 10.20H2

* Configuration système requise (minimum|recommandée) : processeur 1|3 GigaHertz x64 avec 2|4 cœurs, 2|8 Go de RAM, carte graphique DirectX 9, 30|120 Go d’espace libre sur le disque dur.

(#) Nouvelle installation de Windows 10 :

1. Gravez le fichier ISO de Windows 10 sur un DVD à l’aide d’un programme Brun tel que CDBurnerXP () ou utilisez Rufus () pour créer une clé USB amorçable avec le fichier ISO de Windows 10.

2. Sauvegardez les fichiers importants sur un lecteur séparé.

3. Pour éviter de créer accidentellement un compte en ligne dans Windows 10 ou de rencontrer une erreur de compte (Autre utilisateur), déconnectez votre ordinateur d’Internet avant l’installation.

4. Dans le menu de configuration de Windows 10, sélectionnez “Facultatif : Installer uniquement Windows (avancé)”.

5. Supprimez toutes les anciennes partitions Windows, puis cliquez sur Installer (faites très attention à sélectionner le bon disque dur).

Windows 10 22H2 16in1 en-US x64 - Integral Edition 2023.1.11


Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 X64 en-US DEC 2019 {Gen2} Torrent Scaricare

Scarica qui

* Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 X64 en-US DICEMBRE 2019

* Costruisci la versione 1809

* File:

* Dimensione: 3,73 GB

* Formato: ISO avviabile

* FONTE: X21-96425

*CRC32: 2dcecd6c

*MD5: d6c1246545c91af538dd07fd52bfe54f

*SHA-1: ee7901eda694d5e78e6250a6e1e9b4127ed7ec57

Integrato / Preinstallato:

* Aggiornamento del pacchetto di servizi:


* Aggiornamento cumulativo:


* Framework .NET:


* Cumulativo per aggiornamenti.

* .NET Framework e:



* Aggiornamento della sicurezza di Flash Player:


Installazione completa / retrofit:

quadro NET

* Aggiornamenti del difensore


* Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 – STD

* Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 – KMS

* Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 – OEM

* STD = Installazione standard – per coloro che hanno la propria chiave di licenza

* DLA = attivato da KMS38

* OEM = logo del produttore, carta da parati, ecc. + KMS38 attivato

* UEFI pronto

* (Usa lo strumento Rufus USB incluso per avviare UEFI)

* Toolkit di diagnostica ripristino (Microsoft DaRT)

* in formato di ripristino compresso ()

* Crea una USB avviabile con Rufus (fortemente consigliato),

* (allegato) scrivere su DVD-R a bassa velocità.

* WindowsAddict, autore di Windows Activation Script

* Spero ti piaccia questa versione!

* Lode,

* 2a generazione

* Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 X64 en-USA GENNAIO 2020

* Costruisci la versione 1809

* Office 2019 ProPlus integrato

* File:

* Dimensione: 4,70 GB

* Formato: ISO avviabile

* FONTE: X21-96425

*CRC32: 2b889362

*MD5: 11bd38a7e1bee2728ab0a15ec504ebd1

* SHA-1: 3bac8adbb264b68fadd85b477c6ca843a113b730

Integrato / Preinstallato:

* Ufficio 2019 ProPlus VL a 64 bit

* Aggiornamento del pacchetto di servizi:


* Aggiornamento cumulativo:


*. quadro NET

* Framework .NET:


* Aggiornamento cumulativo

* .NET Framework e:


* Aggiornamento della sicurezza di Flash Player:


Installazione completa / retrofit:

* Aggiornamenti del difensore


* Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019

* Ufficio 2019 ProPlus VL

* Attivatori: KMS38 KMS Online

* UEFI pronto

* (Usa lo strumento Rufus USB incluso per avviare UEFI)

* Toolkit di diagnostica ripristino (Microsoft DaRT)

* in formato di ripristino compresso ()

* Crea una USB avviabile con Rufus (fortemente consigliato),

* (incorporato) scrivere su DVD-DL a bassa velocità.

* WindowsAddict, autore di Windows Activation Script

* Spero ti piaccia questa versione!

* Lode,

* 2a generazione.

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 X64 en-US DEC 2019 {Gen2}


Windows 10 21H1 Ultra Lite Dark x64 pt-BR 2021 Download Torrent

Download here

WINDOWS 10 21H1 Ultra lite Dark

build 21H1: V2

Architecture: X64

Large size: GB

Author: Gleison Lima

Tamanho disco: GB

Language: pt-BR (native)


format: ISO/ESD


======= ALSO ======

V10 Ultra Lite. – Original Windows 10 operating system

V10 Ultra lite X – Iniciar Clssico

V10 Ultra lite Dark – Original Windows 10

V10 Ultra lite Dark X – Initiator Clssico

Edies 1 and 2 as theme padro V10

Edies 3 4 com tema Ultra lite Dark

Edio Ks: back adapted com mais benção, mas com desativadas

======= GONE ======

The managing director is Vlan FUNCIONANDO

Restaurant S.





todos os Aplicativos

Body keyboard and touch screen

Xbox and Xbox Gamer Bar

Microsoft Edge – Copy the installation again or install offline

Onedrive – mas Podera Ser Reinstalando Novamente

Microsoft Store installation menu Start.

= NOTE =


Rede lan, vlan compartilamento de pastas esto funcionado.

an impressive part of Connectada for Wi-Fi receno, there is an outro computer that does not install.

Mas ao deikar a rede descobrato recognize normal.

The body image is Shift + PrtScr



Aps has installed drivers for DESATIVE or WINDOWS UPDATE.

o Adds StartIsBack to 2 Edio()

==== System for home use ====

Edio de Documentos no Office

Video and audio playback

Surfed the net.

No Efetuei TESTES em YOGOS

=== DESATIVADO =====


Central de aes DESATIVADO

Animate without Windows DESATIVADO

Sombra em Janelas curso DESATIVADO

Efeito BLUR and Tela de Bloqueio DESATIVADO

PACKS abaiko para Habilitar

==== INTEGRATED =====


Theme Ultra a little dark

Wallpaper dark



VISUAL C++ x86x64

A classic calculator

Bloco de Notas

Visualizer Classico de Imagem

===== Home Menu ======


* Antivirus

Install Kaspersky Free Antivirus

Install Panda Free Antivirus

Install Avaster Free Antivirus

* Navigators

Chrome installer

Install Firefox

Opera installer

Installing Opera GKS

Install Edge Chromium

* Important

7Zip installer

WinRAR installation

Install Microsoft Store



===== Home Menu ======


Install Microsoft Store




Windows 10 21H1 Ultra Lite Dark x64 pt-BR 2021