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HR Neeti's value proposition:
What does it offer?

Investing in Transformation not just Automation.

Facilitating Automation for efficiency.

Speeding transformation for effectiveness.

Making HR function a paperless one.

Establishing “Accountability” at each position org wide.

Strengthening HR coaching for HR recruits, supervisors and managers.

Aiming for a competitive advantage with a
satisfied workforce.

HR Neeti facilitates to ace the HR Maturity curve

Covers every aspect of HR.

Follows the PDCA Cycle – Plan-Do- Check-Act

Puts employee at the fore front. In depth processes.

Synchronicity of data, from what a candidate enters, till F&F of an employee when he retires.

Enabling reporting authorities to be a HR Manager.

Facilitating delivery of responsibilities.Making Effective leaders.

Guiding you to complete your tasks well within defined time frames.Does not allow HR or the reporting authority miss any HR action.

Intuitive design facilitates usage with minimalistic training.

Improving step by step, but have a visual insight on where you need to go.

Key Features of the HR NeetiHCMS

Cloud-native HCM

Cloud-native HCM

Custom Workflows

Custom Workflows

API Integrations

API Integrations



Mobile-first Technology

Mobile-first Technology

100% Data Security & Privacy

100% Data Security & Privacy

Completely <br>Malleable


Widget Based Dashboard

Widget Based Dashboard

Power by AI, ML & RPA

Power by AI, ML & RPA

On-going Support & HraaS

On-going Support & HraaS

Key customer Insights

Highlights from the customer feedbacks

Governance Framework has helped customers to move up the HR maturity index right from the day of implementation thus immediately increasing the efficiency of the organization.

Helped in reducing repetitive works thus saving time, also identified leakages and plugged them leading tosaving money.

Performance management system has helped them to build transparency and accountability leading to lower attrition rates and has driven work force to be performance oriented.

User friendly at all levels, keeps entire organization updated and informed at their respective levels.

Clients acknowledge strong backend support and availability of HR Neeti customer success team, whenever needed.

Our Story - The Evolution

Our HCM is the evolutionary outcome of our journey in HR Consulting over the last ten years. We have used our deep HR knowledge and expertise to create a digital roadmap for organizations to overcome their people management challenges and transform their work culture. HR Neeti today helps organizations become future-ready by unleashing human potential with a people-first HCM.



To unleash the human potential by improving workforce management in organisations.



To help companies establish HR governance and operational excellence by leveraging technology, creating a governance framework and following a consultative approach.



At the heart of HR Neeti are these core values that shape our every decision.

The strategies we offer our clients

Sense of Ownership

All of us at HR Neeti are extremely passionate and take immense pride in our work. Our cohesiveness and the sense of ownership of our work are integrated carefully into the comprehensive nature of the HRM solutions we provide.


Our existence is pointless if we do not strive for and deliver excellence all the time. While excellence is possibly a driving force for millions, but for us, it is a necessity.


An organization can only succeed if the different personalities of all the employees are allowed to flourish under one umbrella. Individuality at HR Neeti fosters originality, innovation, and the hunger to achieve perfection.


HR Neeti provides growth-based solutions for other organizations, so it is integral that we are truthful and honest. The value of integrity is not just about upholding strong moral principles but also challenging those principles regularly to continue evolution in an upward trajectory.


The ways in which the world works are changing so rapidly that it has become a cliché. Everything has a better solution than before, and everyone wants their hands on that solution. For us, being futuristic facilitates the need for survival in this fascinating and competitive world.

Three Pillers of Business Transformations


  • PMS
  • Enabling alignment across hieraechy
  • Individual accountability & collective ownership

  • Postions Descriptions & Job Description
  • Designing PLP
  • Delegation of Authority(Defining authority Matrix)
  • Defining KRA & KPI

    • Organization Design
    • Converting Data info information for decision making
    • MIS & Review
    • Competency mapping
    • Process enhancement & documentiation

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