Workforce Management

What is Workforce Management?

Workforce Management is a framework to manage employees and maximise productivity. Effective workforce management encompasses time and labour management and absence management. It is fully integrated with payroll and other core HR functions and financial data—to bring accuracy, simplicity and insight.


How can HR Neeti facilitate Workforce Management?

HR Neeti’s Workforce Management is a strategic and integrated system that meets the requirements of modern, digital enterprises.


It helps organisations streamline and digitise processes. It empowers HRs to drive compliance of systems that manage employees’ time and facilitates effective utilisation.


It provides clarity and enables employees to continue operations without hurdles. The result is an engaged, productive and connected workforce eager to contribute to organisational success.

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In-depth modules, designed to automate your
work and increase efficiency.

Without integrated Workforce Management technology, organisations will see their bottom lines suffer because they cannot access the insights necessary to determine where change is needed and align HR activities to business goals. HR Neeti’s Workforce Management helps overcome this challenge. It assists in time tracking, work planning, scheduling workers and managing absences.

Time and Labour Management: It gives you visibility and control over your most costly and valuable resource—your people. It also ensures compliance with labour laws or labour union agreements.

Absence Management: It enables you to manage employee absenteeism and comply with leave regulations. It provides you with the ability to reduce the effects associated with absenteeism, such as increased costs and risk and reduced productivity.

Process Automation: It simplifies and automates the entire process, including reporting, capturing critical information and analysing.

Challenges & solutions

Challenges of Workforce Management
that HR Neeti addresses.


Facilitating Management goals

Our comprehensive Workforce Management solution gives instant, easy-to-read reports. It makes tracking work hours and absences simpler. Plus, with automated validations and alerts the system proactively prevents workers from deviating from rule-based compliance.

Our system reduces manual processes and enables efficient and effective management & governance of all policies related to time and attendance and leave. With improved visibility into hours worked, availability of workers and sick days, overall workforce productivity improves, and managers can respond quickly to changes if needed.

 Improved productivity and streamlined processes lower the HR management costs and save time spent on administrative tasks. Furthermore, you can decrease your expenses using the visibility of accurate employee availability vs. budgeted hours available from accurate work time and absences data.

Your employees can report incidents related to safety and compliance in the system. This can help promote workforce safety and compliance.

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