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The ad has been removed and the dirt in the middle of the screen is ignoring, only HDTS quality, no need to worry about movie quality if you don’t have to wait for HD output.


ID: 1

Format: AVC

Format / Information: High Video Code

Profile Format:

Format Settings: CABAC / Frames 4 Ref

Format settings, CABAC: Yes

Format settings, reference images: image 4

Codec ID: V_MPEG4 / ISO / AVC

Duration: 2h33

Normal transfer speed: 657 kbps

Width: 720px

Height: 404px

Screen width ratio: 16:9


ID: 2

Structure: AAC LC

Format / Information: High Level Low Codec

Codec ID: A_AAC-2

Duration: 2h33

Channel(s): channel 2

Channel Layout: L R

Sampling rate: kHz

Frame rate: FPS (1024 SPF)

Removal Status: Cons


Genre: Action, Drama
Director: Prashant Neil
Actors: Iasi, Sanjay Dat, Ravina Tandon, Srinidi Shetty, Prakash Raj
The plot: The bloody land of Kolar Gold Fields (KGF) now has a new master – Roki, whose name strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies. Hocus Pocus 2
His allies see Rocky as their Savior, and the government sees him as a threat to law and order – enemies seeking revenge and plotting his downfall. Bloody battles and darker days await as Rocky continues to pursue undeniable greatness.
Tool = Matroska (mkv)
Time = 02:44
File size = 849 MiB
Coding information = AVC | V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC
Resolution = 720×304
Show AR = | : 1
Bitrate = 3639 kbps
Frame Rate = CFR Color Space = IUV
Small color swatches = 4:2:0
Encoder = k264 – base 157
Cod Information = AAC | A_AAC-2
Itinerary = 2
Baud rate = 224 kbps
Sample = kHz
Language = Hindi

KGF Chapter 2

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