HR is shifting focus from
organization of business to the
business of the organization.

With over a decade of experience in HR Transformation, we are uniquely positioned
to offer you HR Neeti Cloud HCM with HR Consulting support.


Enabling business owners to sustainably overcome HR challenges.

We offer HR consulting with implementation support to sustain business transformation.

HR Neeti partners with clients and works in-depth to identify their challenges. We develop solutions that help organizations become more focused, customer centric, and aligned to their growth strategies. Our team of HR experts helps transform organizations to be highly agile and adaptive to the external business environment.

Through our proven methodology we observe and identify your current processes. Our transformation experts then work on designing a custom solution for your business. With an ownership for implementation we use our proprietary system - HR Neeti Cloud HCM, to sustain your business transformation. We support you to further monitor and refine these strategies, while over-
coming any obstacles along the way.


Create an HR Governance Framework.

We help steamline your processes, define roles and responsibilities, and
design parameters to drive 'performance as a way' of life in your organization.

Employee Lifecycle


Organization Design

Payroll Management

Position Description

Designnig of PMS


Enhanced Business Efficiency.

People are the only sustainable source of competitive advantage. We help you optimize
and align them to your business to infuse efficiency and achieve your business goals.