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english language | 32bit/64bit | before activation

CoffeeCup Responsive Bootstrap Builder is pre-activated

Prototype. Ramp up. Project. With Bootstrap builder. Create authentic digital experiences using the industry’s most popular front-end framework. Speed ​​up production time by working in a real-time browser environment. With no codes to worry about, exploring design alternatives is faster and easier, resulting in killer websites.

cool interactive components

Drag and drop customizable pre-built components like menus, accordions, alerts, tables, modal dialogs and more. Create yours visually. Combine elements, add click actions via data attributes and some CSS to create your own off-canvas navigations, flex tabs, info popups or galleries.
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Harmonize common components

Symbols keep identical elements like logos, titles, and menus consistent throughout the project. Globally editing a symbol item updates all instances. Yes, update all footers with one change! Flexibility rules. Therefore, you can easily separate a single instance from a group if you need different content.

The battle is the same. Free yourself. Design creativity.

Responsive websites tend to suffer from “sameness”. Manually building responsive websites is difficult and flexible building tools are rare. Therefore, frameworks or templates are usually customized enough to create a moderately responsive website. But these sites lack personality and authenticity. Everyone feels the same way. But not anymore! With Bootstrap Builder, you can change anything and turn the Bootstrap framework into a unique creation that supports a unique business case.

Breakpoints whenever and wherever you need them. Design or appearance changes should be based on actual content to ensure a great user experience. Managing breakpoints is key to creating a truly device agnostic design.

css controls

Take full advantage of CSS design with simple, clickable controls.

Use P for image and performance

The Image element displays device-specific images.

Positioning controls

Everything from absolute, clear or floating screen and positioning to amazing Flexbox controls.

with different backgrounds

Layer multiple backgrounds for ultimate creativity.

Color palette management

Grab colors from anywhere on the screen and organize them into reusable palettes.

typographic perfection

Google fonts, stock, inline editing, viewport size, and any other typographic style control you can think of.

Easy schedule management

Add, delete, merge and move rows and columns. Also adjust scope widths, offsets, and drag settings.

It is also possible to tune manually!

Bootstrap Builder is a visual application, but any code genius who wants to dive into the backend has that option too. Export to any code editor to manually edit the markup and make it clear and clean. Sweet: Linked in custom stylesheets, not overwritten on re-export!

Release Notes:

– Like any other MacOS program, you can now use the backspace key to delete items!

– Projects that contained a stylized address element remainstuck on loading screen. After some tweaking, all projects should now load normally.

System requirements:

– Windows 10 32/64 bit

– Windows 8 32/64 bit

– Windows 7 32/64 bit

– Windows Vista 32/64 bit

Home page:

Run the pre-built setup and install, enjoy, no activation required / instructions are in the folder!

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CoffeeCup Responsive Bootstrap Builder v2

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