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In the era of the British Model, British Governor Scott Buxton and his wife, Catherine, took away a little tribal girl against the will of Rama Raju, an Indian police officer serving in the British Army, because her duty was cardinally important and very cruel. against the revolutionary Indians, but the government never praised him for his rights. The British found that the Komaram Bheem tribe, who held the Model as their sister, began a search and could be an obstacle to the British governor and his wife reporting any special stream to any officer Bheem could bring. on their behalf, Rama Raju decided to take matters into his own hands and promised the government to kill him or have now arrived in the city to find the Model and pretend to be Afzal’s mechanic during the train accident, the more he and Rama Raju did to them. .
Joker 2019 Mc life and child are saved and they become the best of two men i.e. confrontation with each other and thirst for each other’s blood to perform their duties. @.

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