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Best Blogs for HR Professionals: 50 Industry-Leading Blogs Every Human Resources Pro Should Be Reading

Human resources professionals are facing exciting and challenging times today. As the gig economy gains even more steam, talent management takes center stage in business strategy, and benefits packages change shape. Technology advancements also are affecting the HR world, and HR professionals need to stay on top of trends and solutions to keep their businesses in the forefront.

One way you can stay on the leading edge of HR trends and hot topics is to read leading blogs by industry experts and professionals. To help you do just that, we have rounded up 50 of the must-read HR blogs online today. The blogs cover everything from recruiting and talent to technology and apps to give you the insights and information you need to excel in your HR position and help your company excel in creating and sustaining a superior workforce.

We have chosen blogs that are updated regularly and feature insights and analysis from leading HR voices, and we even threw in a few that provide some stress relief with an irreverent look at HR. To simplify your search process, we have listed our 50 best blogs for HR professionals in alphabetical order; thus, they are not rated or ranked in any way.

1. The Aristocracy of HR

The Aristocracy of HR

Janine Truitt is owner and Chief Innovations Officer for Talent Think Innovations, LLC and founder of The Aristocracy of HR. She shares her 10+ years of experience in HR and talent acquisition in blog posts, which date back to 2011 and center on talent management “triumphs, blunders, and best practices.” Readers will find monthly posts sharing relevant, thought-provoking commentary on all things HR at The Aristocracy of HR.

Three posts we like from The Aristocracy of HR:

2. Ask a Manager

Ask a Manager

Ask a Manager is a blog that offers a straightforward look at all things management from Alison Green, a former non-profit chief of staff turned management consultant. Alison shares her honesty and opinions in her posts to help managers establish a happy career and lead a happy life. While not specifically targeting human resources professionals, most will find Ask a Manager an informative read.

Three posts we like from Ask a Manager:

3. The Buzz on HR

The Buzz on HR

Sarah Morgan is an HR professional and blogger. She started The Buzz on HR two years ago but has been an HR manager for nearly 20 years. Sarah’s posts center on management, leadership, and other human resources topics.

Three posts we like from The Buzz on HR:

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